English, French and Dutch in all language pairs; Text editing

CHAMON VERTALINGEN is a group of collaborating translators, all native speakers. We supply quality translations into/from French, English and Dutch in all language pairs, and within a variety of professional fields, such as:

* Advertising * Annual Reports * Art * Business Correspondence * Company Profiles
* Commercial Texts * Engineering* Finance * Human Resources * ICT
* Investment Banking * Journalism * Legal Documents * Literature
* Manuals * Music * Research * Tourism * Veterinary Medicine

Good translations are about more than just changing words from one language into another; they are about professional expertise, about understanding the text, and about a thorough knowledge of the source language’s culture. Although English, French and Dutch are our ‘standard’ languages, we can also supply other language combinations on demand.

Translators are committed to delivering a quality product with the least possible administrative fuss. Because our organization is built on a cooperation of freelance translators, the operating overhead is kept to a minimum. Moreover, every translation is proofread by an independent editor before delivery to the client.

For our customers this means top quality at very competitive prices!

Interested? Call + 31 20 44 11 433,
or email your text for a free quotation without obligation to info@chamonvertalingen.com.